Dermatology 911

By Dr. Kathy Fields

Patient Name: Anne*

Gender: Female

Age: 43 years old

Concern: aging skin

Doctor’s Notes:

Anne had been using topical retinol treatments as part of her anti-aging routine and seeing some benefits, but was ready to step up her skin rejuvenation program.  As her dermatologist, I reviewed alternatives with Anne that included injections of fillers, alternative at-home treatment and procedures, or a combination of both.  Anne opted to start with an at-home system that has clinically demonstrated consistently enhanced benefits.

I suggested she try treatment with a medical-grade roller as a step up in topical treatment before investing in more expensive and invasive procedures.  I explained that topical anti-aging ingredients have the potential for significant benefits, but only if they can penetrate the skin’s protective outer surface.  Our skin, by design, functions as a barrier to keep things out. For the most part, this is a good thing.  The roller I recommend creates precise micro-channels in the skin so that potentially effective active cosmetics such as retinol would penetrate deeper into the upper layers of her skin. This roller could also help maintain her results in between chemical peels and micro-dermabrasion.

My medical-grade roller was a great solution for Anne. For anyone who is not satisfied with anti-aging skincare options, I recommend trying a new at-home roller system with 0.2 mm acupuncture needles and clinically tested skincare ingredients. This can be used daily for effective results and maintenance over time.

*Patient name has been changed to protect privacy

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