Dont let ur skin hold u back~ Summer

It’s time to get ready for summer … that wonderful time of year when turtlenecks get relegated to the highest shelves, heating bills drop faster than you can say“summer lovin”, and flowers are in full bloom. But while the warmer weather and increased sunshine can add a spring to your step, the thought of exposing skin that’s been kept under wraps through fall and winter can make even the bravest among us long for the days of winter gone by, or worse yet … feeling depressed.

Skinsecurities are real and more than 80% of women don’t like what they see in the mirror. This dissatisfaction can be intensified by more revealing summer fashions. The good news is that increasing your skin confidence is simple. Tune in to Derm RF this month for all the information you need to get your skin ready for summer and feel great about how you look … because your skin should never hold you back.


Your Derm RF Team


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