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Late Blooming Entrepreneurs

By Lynne Strang, Late Blooming Entrepreneurs

Some of the entertainment industry’s biggest hits have been about enduring friendships.  Like Laverne and Shirley.  Thelma and Louise.  Kate and Allie.  And of course, Lucy and Ethel.

Now, meet Elizabeth and Ardith.  They haven’t received any television or movie offers (yet), but they’re enjoying life as best friends and business partners.

Known locally as “The Licorice Ladies,” Elizabeth Erlandson and Ardith Stuertz own Licorice International, a Lincoln, Nebraska-based business that ships 10,000 candy orders annually and has an almost equal number of in-store sales. With 160 types from 14 countries, Erlandson and Stuertz have the largest selection of imported licorice in the U.S.

Licorice International’s clientele tends to be older and includes some candy lovers with childhood memories of buying real licorice from the corner drugstore (most “licorice” candy sold in the U.S. these days actually gets its flavor from anise).

“Nostalgia is the real…

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