Today’s Prayer Treatment

Living it, thank you luv ya~ xoxo

Dr. Diva PhD Online

Divine and Infinite PRESENCE:

Today, I live in Love, POWER and a Sound Mind.  I realize I was not born with the spirit of fear, which holds me back from living the promise.  I move in the POWER of the PRESENCE that lives within me and I know that I AM victorious in all that I choose to do.  I no longer allow fear to sabotage my L.I.F.E.; I AM HERE TO LIVE.

Today, I am free of false evidence that appears real in my experience.  I use the setbacks as setup to spring back into L.I.F.E. I came here victorious from birth and I take charge of the same victorious POWER and authority to live and explore L.I.F.E. now.

I am joyously responsible for my own L.I.F.E. and I choose to remove all the negative thoughts by asking positive what if questions, which create a surge of positive energy…

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