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Rivera Douthit

It happened in middle school, then again in high school with a different group of girls. I was fairly popular and pretty well liked by everyone.  So I never knew why, I just knew these girls hated me and let me know it every day when they blocked the sidewalk and wouldn’t let me pass.  No words were spoken.  They didn’t have to be.  They were loud and clear.  Actions are deafening loud, aren’t they?

Bullying is abuse.  It’s degrading someone mentally, verbally, sexually or physically.

Last week I mentioned the girl they called ugly.  Now 23, she spends her life speaking out about bullying and the sometimes irreversible damage it causes.  Thankfully, she’s found purpose in her struggles and has been able to use them to help others.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.  Recently a local high school girl took her life, a result of social media bullying.  What?  Yes!  This beautiful young…

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