While darker skin tones offer a natural SPF ranging from 5-13, this isn’t enough to keep the skin protected. The sun may not have your skin “seeing red,” but that doesn’t mean it’s not making its mark and taking it’s toll.  A sunburn is a warning;  it is the sun’s way of telling you it’s time to get out of the sun.

We’ve all heard the myth that people of color don’t tan or don’t sunburn because the skin is already dark. That MYTH is dangerously false.

There is also a similar misconception about whether or not people with dark skin tones need to wear SPF or not; SPF measures how long skin covered with sunscreen takes to burn compared to uncovered skin.

It’s true that people with darker skin tones don’t sunburn as easily as those with fairer skin. This is due to darker skin tones having an increased…

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