How To Make Lavender Wands

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When we began gardening in earnest, when the youngest offspring went to school all day and we had more free time at home, it was the growing of herbs that snagged our attention. Easy to grow, beautiful in the landscape and useful, what more could be asked from any plant? Books about herbs and herb gardens were checked out at the library and some were purchased or received as gifts for birthdays and Mother’s Day. Every fact about how to grow and use them was devoured and digested. Lavender was the first planted and we were smitten.

Fast forward to now, several years and gardens later. Lavender is still grown in the Fairegarden, several varieties, some names we know, some are just Lavandula ssp like this variety that grows along the wall behind the main house that will be used in the project detailed below. The blooms are open at…

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